Quick Way to Disable/Enable Juno

I hope I haven’t missed this anywhere, but I was wondering if there was a quick way to disable Juno and then re-enable it again. I use Atom for other languages besides Julia so having Juno around all the time isn’t perfect for my use case. Is this possible?

Thank you.

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There are mainly 2 ways to do this:

The first and recommended way is what @mortenpi showed in slack:

from https://julialang.slack.com/archives/C6A044SQH/p1573313147161100?thread_ts=1573311257.160100&cid=C6A044SQH:

if you can easily access a terminal, you can set ATOM_HOME to point somewhere other than ~/.atom before launching Atom, e.g. ATOM_HOME=~/atom-clean atom

I actually always put this script into my PATH: https://github.com/mortenpi/juno-debian/blob/master/src/juno so my main Atom environment is clean and if I want Juno, I just launch juno

The second is to use atomic-management, which enables kind of per-project config. Then you can create .atom/config.cson for each project and enable/disable Juno via putting julia-client into *.core.disabledPacakges config. Note that this way may slow down your Atom’s activation, and that why I recommend the first way if you’re familiar with shell script.

Also it’s worth to note that for both ways, you can unload/disable ink package, which may ease your activation time, but then any deserialization (restoring the previous window state) won’t anymore.


Using Juno-plus you can enable or disable Juno using a button.