[quick question] PDF for 0.7 docs


Will there be a PDF available for 0.7 docs at some point?

I can only find ones for 0.6 and earlier currently.

I spend a lot of time offline and on 2G and I like to read technical manuals and documentation during my downtime.


Don’t know about the current docs system specifically, but as I mentioned in another post, I am developing a LaTeX based research / docs system that is automatically able to compile to PDF. It is a prototype to test out new ideas and concepts, but may eventually be able to be hooked in with the docs from Julia code.


You should be able to generate the PDF docs from the Julia source tree with

cd docs
make pdf


FWIW, PDF generation appears to be broken at the moment on master though.


I tried to fix it here: https://github.com/JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl/pull/763.


As an alternative to PDF, there’s also https://devdocs.io/ which can store the documentation offline on your device. It currently has the docs for Julia 0.5 and 0.6 and I hope the one for 0.7 will be added eventually.


Also, I forgot to mention: cd doc; make html will make the HTML docs in the Julia tree, which is perfect for offline use, and may even be faster to use than PDF. The files will be in doc/_build/html.


Oooo, ok this is perfect. Thanks so much!