Offline Julia 1,0 documentation


Dear all,

I was wondering if there are any updated docs about Julia basics/learning Julia that is really updated to v0.7 or v1.0: that does not require from an internet connection (like a .pdf) or so.

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Hello @Ferran_Mazzanti,

The documentation is generated using Documenter.jl which takes Julia and Markdown and generates the HTML for it. There is an option to use LuaLaTeX to generate the documentation as a PDF. You could download the directory, edit the option and run it. However, I believe this should be offered in the website as soon as any outstanding issues with the documentation are addressed.


If you’re on a mac, you can also use Dash to store an offline copy of the docs.


Additional the epub format would be also good because Pdf is difficult to read on readers.


How do we get epub format?


Offline docs is part of installation: share\doc\julia\html\en


Here’s an (unofficial) PDF build of the docs:

As for epub: Documenter, which generates the documentation, doesn’t support this output format at the moment (JuliaDocs/Documenter.jl#371). But it might be possible to convert the HTML pages maybe?


Running make pdf inside the docs directory of source tree causes errors which I don’t get. The html version is not so great since the search requires downloading javascript which takes ages. Searching inside a pdf is instant so that would be great to have. Is it possible to just make the pdf available in the downloads page?


Building fails for me too, also on master. I think this should be worth investigating (but I also find it difficult, since I can’t locate the logfile). I would suggest opening an issue about this (I could not find an existing one).


I opened to track this. If this ends up working I can probably ask the Arch Linux maintainer to include the PDF in the package :slight_smile:


It would be nice if zipped html and pdf are distributed via BinaryBuilder.jl as a Julia package.