1.7.0 PDF doc missing

Seems to be a common problem with previous versions, but the 1.7.0 PDF is missing:

404: Not found

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Since 1.7 is the latest stable, the doc is up-to-date:
Julia Documentation · The Julia Language

That may be true, but as the OP reported, the link to the PDF is broken.


Where did you find that link?

The documentation has that link:

PDF build is broken for 1.7.0 and master, you can open an issue about it if you like.

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As someone who likes to download that pdf to have locally whenever I travel (back in the old days), I see that this issue comes up soon after a new version is released. Usually it becomes available a few hours after release, but some times it takes quite a few days. Could building the doc pdf be automated, perhaps as part of all the other things that have to be done after a new release?


I have been using Julia going on 5 years, and this issue of the link being broken or the pdf file not updated happens on almost every new release. To be sure, this is not a big deal as you can always read the online docs. Maybe this should be on some check list for the new release process.


The process is automated but appears to be broken: Link to Julia 1.7 Docs PDF 404's · Issue #43317 · JuliaLang/julia · GitHub tried to do some hunting but it is a bit beyond my understanding at the moment

Fixed now.