Up to Date Julia Documentation in PDF?

I want to get a Julia manual in PDF form so I can read it on a plane in a couple days. I see this: https://juliacomputing.com/docs/JuliaDocumentation.pdf but it’s dated Nov 2017 which is a year and half out of date…

On the regular docs site: Julia Documentation · The Julia Language it has a link to a pdf of the release notes, but not a PDF of the actual docs.

Is there a proper location for up-to-date version of the Julia docs? Or an easy way to check-out and build one or something?

No, that link gives you the full manual in PDF. Try scrolling down :wink:

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Thank you! I was on my tablet and kept scrolling and scrolling… and everything was about release notes, so I got confused. I see on my desktop where it’s easier to scroll that it’s just a LOT of scrolling to be done :wink:

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