PDF version of docs for v0.6?

Where can I find a PDF version of Julia docs for v0.6?

I found it here.

It says 0.6.0-dev. Is there a version without the “dev” part?

Theoretically the following should be updated to 0.6 now. I don’t know if it automatic or not. In any case, latest has not diverged significantly so you should be OK.

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I am guessing that switching to Documenter.jl will require custom PDF builds that have nothing to do anymore with readthedocs

looks like there should be some option to build a PDF here

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@Evizero PDFs are nice, because you can easily access it offline. If you are going to modify something in it, please consider also adding subsections to the PDF index, since that would be very helpful for navigation.

This comment explains how it’s done:

Looks like that’s what’s used.

I tried building the PDF locally by calling make pdf in the doc subfolder but I am afraid it failed for me because of some latex error, which may or may not be caused by my local setup

! LaTeX Error: File `memoir.cls' not found.

I am afraid I have nothing to do with any of it. I am just voicing my suspicion that I don’t think the media.readthedocs.org versions will be updated any further

Hopefully it will be made available somewhere else.

I have a full LaTeX distribution, so there is probably a memoir.cls somewhere in my PATH.

How can I try to build it myself?

It should output TeX if you use the instructions I linked to.

Grab TeX Live (most Linux distros have it packaged), it should have it.

You can also access HTML pages offline, and they are usually much more interesting to navigate with your favorite web browser. They are somewhat more portable than the portable document format PDF itself :slight_smile:.

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My opinion is that a PDF is single file, which make it easier to handle. They are also easier to search for keywords than a mirror of an HTML website.

Open share/doc/julia/html/en/index.html in your Julia installation directory (if using the binary version). It will provide a searchable HTML. YMMV, but I find this much nicer than the PDF.

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Thanks, I did not know I had a copy of the docs sitting there.

I’m also looking for a PDF version of Julia docs.
See https://github.com/JuliaLang/julia/issues/22704


I still think a PDF version would be nice to have. Would it be too complicated to have a PDF version in sync with the docs website?


Here is a nice PDF version that looks up to date:

There is also a PDF including docs for many packages:


This comes in handy when you are offline!


This is a highly underrated comment! I had no idea a full copy of the docs was just sitting there in HTML!