New topic template text

AFAICT the Discourse engine allows templates for new topics that would replace the “Type here…” we currently have. This could be useful, especially for the Usage category, possibly with something like this:

  1. If you are cross-posting (asking this question on other sites), please link those here to avoid duplicating effort.

  2. Please quote your code with backticks,

  3. When applicable, please make an effort to provide a self-contained minimal working example (MWE) that illustrates your problem. This will greatly increase the likelihood of getting timely and helpful answers, by helping those who want to help you (if you have large or private data, please generate data randomly).

  4. If you are using anything other than the latest stable release for Julia and the packages, please indicate this.

What did I miss?


I think this is a good idea, except I’d change the order to 2 3 1 4