How to imporove descriptions of videos on Julia Youtube channel?

Recently I opened discussion about mistakes in descriptions on videos on Julia YT channel, so I need to justify why I open another topic. Previous discussion is about clear mistakes that arise from many reasons, while this one about how to make them more useful for viewers.

I will omit the topic of adding timestamps to them, since in their case there are few issues that are waiting for being [resolve] (Mistakes and typos in Julia YT video's timestamps · Issue #106 · JuliaCommunity/YouTubeVideoTimestamps · GitHub). Before that there is a little sense in discussing this topic.

Since Jeff Bezanson told us that griping is a good thing, I will start with few of my petty complaints.

Should description state who is the speaker and what is the title of the talk? If yes, in what format? Writing it down is in most cases quite easy, so I can do it I find such a video, but there is no standard format to use. To illustrate what is my problem I listed below appropriate parts of the description of keynotes form five JuliaCons, from 2016 onward. I probably miss some keynotes and since I can’t find any video from JuliaCon 2017 described as keynote there is no video from that year.

You can see that there is no common pattern that you can follow and some descriptions have literally no information about the speaker or the talk, in which case I just write “Nothing”. One can argue that some videos are not too outdated to be worth of attention, which is quite possible true. But even when I look just at the JuliaCon 2021 I can’t find a pattern to follow.
Since I’m quite picky person I’m now stuck at this small issue.

JuliaCon 2016 (Keynote) | An Overview of Arrays and Iteration in Julia | Tim Holy

JuliaCon 2016 (Keynote) | Quantitative Macroeconomics in Julia | Nobel Laureate Tom Sargent

Keynote - The Future of Microprocessors | Sophie Wilson

Sophie Wilson is a Broadcom Fellow and Distinguished Engineer. Her inventions helped to
transform the computing landscape. Sophie and Steve Furber’s development and codesign of the

Keynote - Julia in a multi user production capital modelling | Tim Thornham

Tim Thornham is the Financial Modelling Solutions Director at Aviva. He is responsible for the
development and maintenance of actuarial and quantitative risk models used across the firm for

JuliaCon 2019 | Keynote: Professor Madeleine Udell

Madeleine Udell is Assistant Professor of Operations Research and Information Engineering
and Richard and Sybil Smith Sesquicentennial Fellow at Cornell University.

JuliaCon 2019 | Keynote: Arch D. Robison

Arch D. Robison is a Principal Systems Software Engineer at NVIDIA, where he works
on TensorRT, NVIDIA’s platform for high-performance deep-learning inference. He was the lead

JuliaCon 2019 | Keynote: Professor Steven G. Johnson

Steven G. Johnson is a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Physics at MIT,
where he joined the faculty in 2004 and previously received a PhD in physics (2001)

JuliaCon 2020 | Keynote: Adventures in Computing | Prof Linda Petzold

JuliaCon 2020 | Keynote: Scientific Machine Learning | Prof Karen Willcox

JuliaCon 2020 | Keynote: Conic Optimization in Julia and JuMP | Juan Pablo Vielma

Find Juan Pablo Vielma’s slides here:… 00:00 Welcome!
00:10 Help us add time stamps or captions to this video! See the description for details.

JuliaCon 2021 | Day 1 Single Track | Prof. Jan Vitek Keynote

Keynote by Dr. Jan Vitek :
Jan Vitek is a Professor of Computer Science at Northeastern University. He holds degrees from

JuliaCon 2021 | Day 2 Single Track | Dr. Xiaoye (Sherry) Li Keynote

Keynote by Dr. Xiaoye (Sherry) Li:
TITLE: Interplay of linear algebra, machine learning, and HPC

JuliaCon 2021 | Day 3 Single Track | Soumith Chintala Keynote

Keynote ( Soumith Chintala): PyTorch and my journey in open source