Problems updating/installing packages due to anti-virus

I am using Kaspersky anti-virus on Windows 10 and I have been having some issues when I try to install or upgrade some packages in Julia. I am not totally sure about this but when I have problems I pause the anti-virus app.
I want to define an exclusion or a trusted application for Julia for this anti-virus. Does anyone know how to describe it (the application)?

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Normally with anti virus you point it at the exe and say “This is trusted, and NOT a virus” and the anti-virus goes 'okay I won’t bitch". What do you mean describe it?

OK. What exe? julia.exe?

Yes that would be the main executable for julia.

And when I do add some_package is also julia.exe?

Depends on the package, most packages don’t contain an EXE. At they’re most extreme they are a library (dll) at the minimum they are just .jl files which are text…and shouldn’t be tripping the virus scanner. If they do come with an EXE you will probably have to whitelist that individually (assuming it trips the virus scanner which is probably shouldn’t).

My guess is that what is tripping up the virus scanner is that Julia “mutates” itself by compiling code to RAM. That is traditionally the sign of a nasty virus. So by whitelisting julia.exe you should resolve the majority of the issues.

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