Julia.exe just disappeared, when packages were installing

I’ve got a new laptop from the university. (win10)

  1. I’ve installed Julia. (ver 1.7.1)
  2. Open in a terminal, it works.
  3. Using Pkg; Pkg.update(); - it works. (there is no packages)
  4. Pkg.add(“DataFrames”) - started to instal packages. Suddenly crashed and Julia.exe disappeared at all.
  5. Try to install 2nd time. Julia.exe didn’t exist
    6)Installed ver1.6.5 - the same situation as ver 1.7: works, install any packages, crashed, not exe file.

P.S. laptop is clear, just opened. login under university account.

Sounds like an antivirus - check your quarantined files

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or an enterprise policy…

Yes, maybe it’s antivirus Cisco Secure Endpoint. I hope I will be able to turn it off (I can’t do it right now).

Thank you for your help