Problem with Atom and Jula



I am running Julia 0.45 and have now installed Atom
I have installed the uber-juno package with out problems
However, when I try to start Julia fom the Jula-menu, Atom gives me an error:
ERROR: LoadError: unknown package Atom
[inlined code] from ./pkg/entry.jl:49
in anonymous at ./task.jl:447
[inlined code] from ./task.jl:422
in add at ./pkg/entry.jl:64
while loading /home/ssd/.atom/packages/julia-client/script/boot.jl, in expression starting on line 11

and suggests:
Error installing Atom.jl package
Go to the Packages → Julia → Open Terminal menu and
run Pkg.add("Atom") in Julia, then try again.
If you still see an issue, please report it to:

When I do open the terminal menu ( from packages/Julia), a terminator windows opens,
but with the text “unable to find a shell”

I have terminator installed before Atom, and that terminators works fine

Is it because I use Julia 0.45 ?

Could you help me ?



Using julia 0.4.5 is likely to create issues. Julia development is so active that there really is no good reason to not use the current version (0.6).


As mkborregard says, you shoul dbe running 0.6

I also use Atom with Julia - if you can give a couple more details about your platform and your version of Atom I can try to reproduce for you.

However, I must say that I have never had to add the ‘Atom’ package to Julia (or if I did I forgot…)
Perhaps that is somethign recent with the new IDE stuff in Atom.


Is debugger are available for a 0.6?




Oooohhhh. Glad to hear that!


Hi everybody - thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I purged julia 0.45 and atom , downloaded the julia 0.6 tarball, installed it and installed atom :slight_smile:
SUCCES :slight_smile:

So my problem was that Linux Mint Software store “only” has an Julia 0.45 version
and - as far as I can see - Atom does not test/say that it needs a Julia 0-.6

Once again : Thank You !