Problem to start Julia in Atom

Hi guys. I am new to Julia and Atom. Recently I experienced problems with Atom while running some Julia code. Hence I had to reinstall form the begging either Julia and Atom. I was aware of the fact that I had to add the Path of Julia in ‘config.cson’ of Atom under “julia-client” part of it. I did so but still when I try to run Julia on REPL of Atom it does not do so. Please find following the content of my ‘config.cson’ of Atom:

    confirmCompletion: "tab always, enter when suggestion explicitly selected"
    scrollPastEnd: true
    userId: "9e4238e0-8faa-41ed-ba33-5b1b87c8b276"
    firstBoot: false
      enableMenu: true
      enableToolBar: true
    position: "Left"
    disable: true

could you please help me solve this problem.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.



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This is what my Julia-client configuration looks like:

    firstBoot: false
    juliaPath: "C:\\Users\\PKrysl\\AppData\\Local\\Julia-1.3.1\\bin\\julia.exe"
      enableMenu: true
      errorNotifications: false

Hi Petr and thank you for your time and support. As I mentioned before I already changed the “julia-client” part of the file ‘config.cson’ as follows:

    firstBoot: false
    juliaPath: "/home/xxxx_xx/Documents/julia-1.3.1/bin/julia"
      enableMenu: true
      enableToolBar: true

hence I added the path to Julia execution file, but it did not solve the problem.

And /home/xxxx_xx/Documents/julia-1.3.1/bin/julia actually runs Julia? When you try it in the terminal, for instance.

in terminal I just type ‘julia’ and then press enter and Julia runs ok.

Then try juliaPath: “julia”. But what about the absolute path /home/xxxx_xx/Documents/julia-1.3.1/bin/julia? Is that a correct path?

I tried with juliaPath: “julia” and did not work. I remember that with the old version of Atom and Julia in file ‘config.cson’ of Atom the part for path to Julia was juliaPath: “/home/xxxx_xx/Documents/julia-1.1.0/bin/julia” and the path to julia.exe file in my computer is “/home/xxxx_xx/Documents/julia-1.3.1/bin/julia”.

Just to make it clear to readers of this question, I found out what the problem was. The new version of Atom was not installed properly in that sense that the old version of Atom was still in place although I erased it. I did reinstall the new version of Atom and did the following using the the command line in terminal:

apm uninstall ink

apm uninstall julia-client

apm uninstall language-julia

apm uninstall tool-bar

apm uninstall latex-completions

apm uninstall indent-detective

apm uninstall uber-juno

to make sure there are no old Julia-based Atom packages lurking around. Then install Julia-based Atom packages with the following commands:

apm install uber-juno

apm install ink

apm install julia-client

apm install language-julia

apm install tool-bar

apm install latex-completions

apm install indent-detective
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