Path to 1.6.0-beta x86-64 Linux opens to what it says is 1.0.4

When I put in the path to the version of 1.6 beta, that I loaded, it says 1.0.4 in the opening screen.

I’m not sure if that means it loaded 1.0.4, or if the title is wrong.

You probably already have a directory to a 1.0.4 julia binary in your path and because it appears earlier, it is picked up first. Try appending the 1.6 dir to the front instead: `export PATH="$HOME/julia… /bin:$PATH"

yup, I got it sorted.

You can also put all yr Julia versions in ~/lib/ and then in ~/bin you can symlink julia1.5 to ~/lib/julia-1.5/bin/julia, julia1.6 to ~/lib/julia1.6-beta1/bin/Julia, etc and then an other symlink ~/bin/julia pointing to what version of Julia you want to run by default, e.g ~/bin/julia1.5

I am using this set-up by several years and it works great…