Julia 1.1.1 for linux 64 wrong file

just downloaded the lnux 64bit binaries of Julia 1.1.1 and found, after installation, that it just installs julia 0.6.4… Maybe this can be fixed?

What? That does not happen for me:

$ curl -s https://julialang-s3.julialang.org/bin/linux/x64/1.1/julia-1.1.1-linux-x86_64.tar.gz | tar -xz && ./julia-1.1.1/bin/julia --version
julia version 1.1.1

I mean, I downloaded it from the main page, and got 0.6.4

So did I. Are you sure you don’t have an old symlink julia -> julia06 or something?

I don’t know… I’ve just repeated the operation right now and this time I got the correct version. I did not have any previous install since I put it on a new computer, with no previous julia installed. Go figure …

$ which julia ?

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