Overview of JuliaCon by conference chair Jane Herriman

Hey all, if you did not get a chance to check it out yet, our very own @xorJane was featured in a podcast talking about JuliaCon 2020! Make sure to check it out and show some support for Jane and the Julia community.


Does JuliaCon welcome Julia programmers of all levels including beginners?

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Yes! JuliaCon is for Julia users, developers, and those interested in Julia, regardless of Julia proficiency level. Looking forward to seeing you online!


Will the conference have much or some beginner content?

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Over 4000 registrations so far! Wow!

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Yes, there should be lots of accessible content. Check out https://JuliaCon.org for the full schedule of the talks.

The number and variety of workshops and talks is amazing! It shows that Julia has a very active, growing, and diverse community!

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