How To Interact with People at JuliaCon This Year?

As written elsewhere I’m not a coder (I have actually tested a bit Julia, but for sure development is not my work, and my comprehension is at very high level), but a solution designer needing to evaluate different approaches, technologies and partners to shape a new solution in the area of realtime interactive simulation.

So to say my main work is drafting specifications and budgets, talking with customers and partners, discovering and selecting technologies and suppliers.

In this solution the AI/ML/data driven sim approach will be sure a thing, so that I’m interested into Julia SciML and related approaches/know-how.

JuliaCon seems to me an opportunity to chat with someone if interested on the topic and interested in discussing with me, but I’m not sure how much the event is focused only for actual developers. A thing is being a development beginner, another being just a designer.

Also I understand there are discourse to have questions to the panelists, but not sure if this is the only interactivity available.

Hey @davide445 !

Thanks for posting - I am a bit confused however by your statement.
What are you trying to ask?
If you are asking if JuliaCon is a place to connect with and chat with other users as well as developers within the Julia ecosystem of all skill levels, the answer is a resounding yes.


What are the tools that will allow to interact?
Myself a bit confused, was looking at the 2021 edition videos to understand what to expect but apart the discourse option it’s not clear to me if there will be other channels.

Got it! Thank you for clarifying!
So, as we are on line due to COVID, the conference is virtual.
People will present their recorded talks on a schedule and there will be two on line platforms.
The first being GatherTown Which is like a video game but you get to meet people who are talking at the conference.
The next is discord which is a lot like a chat forum like slack or otherwise.

To gain access to these platforms, you just need to sign up for JuliaCon and you will get an invite closer to the conference.
There may be some more platforms too for like YouTube but otherwise, that is it.
Does that help make things more clear?


Thanks, I would suggest the organizers to write this down in the conference webpage. Also will be useful to know if you need to register to see the conference schedule or it’s just up to come in the next days.

Last question and returning to my first post, since I never participated to a programming language conference, can I expect people like me are in some way accepted, or 99% of the participants are just coders that want to talk with other software engineering specialists.

Before just registering wanted to ask here to avoid spending hours messing around and disturbing people are totally not interested except very deep technical topics (I will not be able digging into). If I will not get here on discourse someone telling me “just avoid, it’s not for you”, I will just register and see by myself of course.

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i think that it would help you to know the past year’s schedule: Agenda | JuliaCon 2021
in general, while there is, of course, software engineering talks, there is a lot of multidisciplinary work there from people that aren’t software engineers, but just people trying to solve a problem in their fields with julia.

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