Documentation Formats - epub mobi pdf



I was wondering, if there is any chance that you could publish an ebook-version for the documentation ( which is automatically generated?
possible formats like: epub, pdf or mobi

This would be useful, because I could work offline from time to time. I know I could get just the source code on github. But maybe there is a more convenient way and possibly other people would like that, too.

Thank you in advance!

——————————-UPDATE ————————— is a great alternative, as well as using the offline html from the installation path file:///opt/julia/share/doc/julia


If you use one of the official binary distributions, it should include local HTML documentation. Thus one of my most-used browser bookmarks is


This has the dubious advantage that offline searches have the (perhaps familiar but quirky) features of the main website.


Thank you, Ralph! That was very helpful. This will help me for now with some things. But to get back to the epub feature. It would also help me, if I could read the documentation on a tablet of my choice where I don’t have julia installed. Of course I could generate the epub from the html or straight from the github-repository myself.

But as far as I read on readthedocs, there‘s even a built-in feature for this type of publishing.
According to you can provide some kind of yaml.config file which can provide more options for formats, including epub.

For now I will use the offline html, but maybe the can be extended with that feature.

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It would be interesting to see how well that works. I am a big fan of e-readers for text with predominantly linear access (eg literature), but I find them cumbersome for everything else, including technical documentation. Also, I am wondering if the documentation requires a minimum screen width for tables and similar. YMMV.


I use the PDF feature for my (Python) projects on readthedocs and it works nicely. Have not tried the EPUB yet :wink:


Another option is to use

which has documentation also for Julia 0.6. Just make sure to activate the offline mode for the Julia docs before going offline. I usually use it on my laptop, but I just tried on my Android phone where it seems to work as well, so I’d guess on a tablet it should also work.


Great alternative! Thank you for devdocs! Pretty cool website!
Offline feature is really the best part. Still I would prefer an extra file! Call me old fashioned, but I enjoy using a reader for such things, because I know where I find my stuff!


Also, if you’re using a Mac or iOS, check out Dash. It allows you to keep not only offline documents, but also stack overflow Q&A for languages as well, and it integrates into many IDEs (I’m using it with Visual Studio, and the complete list is on the above-linked page).


Dash is very cool! I’ve never seen the Julia docs run as fast…


It has even lightweight integrations for VIM and other editors :wink: