Documentation feature request

I think I am missing documentation like python or Matlab. when I installed python or Matlab, a lot of documentation automatically installed in my machine. I can use it offline mode. is there any plan for Julia’s documentation? it will be a great resource for the beginner user.

thank you

Have you tried Help mode in Julia’s REPL? By typing ? in the REPL, you can look up documentation about functions, types, etc.

yeah , I tried . this works but I am trying like when I type “doc ode” in matlab , new window appeared with so many functions and helpful documentations.
python has gui based documentations.

For offline use, you can

  1. get the PDF (see the first note box in the docs), or
  2. just clone the git repo and generate the HTML docs for local use,
  3. grep the markdown source files directly.

I find (3) the most useful, and have bound a small Emacs function for this using ag to a key:

(defun search-julia-docs (str)
  (interactive "sRegex: ")
  (ag str (expand-file-name "~/src/julia-git/doc/")))
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I think the html documentation is always included in the Julia downloads. Not sure if there’s an easy way to recover the URL, though.

On my system running macOS with Julia installed as /Applications/, I can read the documentation by pointing a browser to the URL: file:///Applications/


I also wish the local HTML documentation was exposed in a user-friendly way (for example with a doc command). And having a standard way to access HTML documentation for all installed packages would be a nice step up in usability.

There is some discussion on this Julia issue:

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Good. Also, I had just opened this issue with a simpler approach:


I got doc in html format

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