No v1.2 binary available for download

Similar to previous transitions between versions, we’re now in a state where no binary for julia v1.2 is available for download. Latest release is v1.1 and nightly is v1.3 (which constantly segfaults for me).

Could a v1.2 binary perhaps be made available for download? :slight_smile:

So greedy :laughing:

Seriously though, is it really that hard to build Julia these days? I have to confess that it’s been quite a while since I’ve done it.

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It is definitely not trivial on Windows.

As always an RC (release candidate) binary is made when the known regressions are fixed on the 1.2 backport branch.

However, there might be other ways of doing it. What is your concrete suggestion?

In my case it works fine for my workstation but not for my work laptop, where I’m not in control over my disc space

I’m not sure what the difference between the release-1.2 branch and backports branch is, but perhaps one of those would work well as a nightly 1.2 build

Nothing ever is :laughing:

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I haven’t done it a lot, but the Windows Subsystem for Linux has worked pretty well for compiling Julia.

Could you perhaps sketch a small guide?