Julia v1.2.0-rc2 is now available

The second release candidate for Julia v1.2.0 is here! You can get binaries for all tier 1 platforms from the “upcoming release” section of Download Julia. See the NEWS file for v1.2.0-rc2 to get a taste for what will be new in 1.2. You can also see the commit comparison with the first 1.2 release candidate here.

As a release candidate, this should not be considered production-ready; it’s intended to give users, especially package developers, a chance to test their code with v1.2.0 before the full release. Note that 1.2 on Travis, AppVeyor, and Cirrus now points to v1.2.0-rc2, so you can test with this release on CI. If you run into any issues, let us know in the issue tracker.



I’m wondering whether these binaries were built using LLVMBuilder or not. It would be great if Julia 1.2 could be one-to-one mapped to the LLVMBuilder releases.

They were indeed. You can see the full list of options passed to the build on the builds site, for example the “flags” entry in the “Build Properties” tab of Buildbot. In particular note that USE_BINARYBUILDER=1 is being passed in.



Does this version work with Windows 10 or different distros of Linux ??

Please advise.

Many thanks,

Newbie to Julia, Mason Yu Jr.

It should work both on (all common) Linux and Windows. But note that there is already a v1.2.0-rc3 out; you can find all versions for all OS on the download page posted above.

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