Seeking julia 1.6 binary for linux

Hey all,
I see how one can download stable julia, old julia, or nightly julia. Right now, stable is 1.5.x and nightly appears to be just 1.7 (at least through the nightlies page). I really need 1.6. Is there somewhere those binaries are made available?

We actually do have “nightlies” for the release-1.6 branch. The URLs look like this:

As with any nightly builds, you should expect that the 1.6 nighties are unstable.

@staticfloat @maleadt should we post the links for the 1.6 nightlies somewhere more visible?


Sure, it’s only in the twilight between branching and a release that the distinction is useful, but I’m happy for anyone to submit a PR to make this clearer for users.

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