Nighty builds for release-1.1 instead of master available?

Our CI testing is currently using Julia nightly builds, as we are relying on a GC extension that was only introduced after 1.0 branched. Now that the release-1.1 branch was created, we’d ideally like to use builds based on that instead (esp. since apparently Julia master recently introduced a change that causes segfaults in our tests; I’ll investigate this separately). Well, of course only until 1.1 is released, then we’ll hopefully be able to switch to the release version.

Now it seems only provides links to nightly builds for master, e.g.

My question: Do their also exist “generic” URLs for that “latest build on release-1.1”? If there are no such links: Would it be possible to add them (only if it does not require too much effort; I have no idea how the nightlies are created, and was unable to find any documentation for that, so I have no idea on what’s required to do so).

Looking at there are build paths that contain 1.1 and 1.2. E.g. this is a valid URL: Based on this, I tried but this does not exist.

For now, I’ll just hard code an older nightly build, and once 1.1 is out, we’ll switch to that. But I imagine the same question may become relevant for us when 1.2 is released; and perhaps others also would like to have nightlies of the release branch?

There are currently no nightly build for anything but the latest master.