How do people use Julia nightly?

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I keep seeing messages about how 1.10 is gonna be even faster and cooler than 1.9, so of course I wanna do like the cool kids and give it a try.

As far as I can tell, there are two main ways to download it:

Then there is the question of how to set the path, which I prefer to handle with juliaup. In particular, I think the following command can be handy:

juliaup link dev ~/juliasrc/julia configures the dev channel to use a binary that you provide that is located at ~/juliasrc/julia.

Until nightlies are fully integrated with juliaup, I see no other option but to either redownload the binary or pull and rebuild regularly. Has anyone found a better workaround?


Do you need the latest pulls for any specific reason?

If Im looking forward to any specific pull/issue, I just wait till it’s fully merged/all the checks are green, then just download the nightly built version from the site. I find the hassle of building from source unenjoyable :grimacing:.

No, in this instance I just enjoy the shorter type display in the stack traces. So I don’t care about having only this week’s or even this month’s build, I just want something slightly more recent than the current release, which dates back months

My understanding was that the nightly builds are usually a few days old if there has been a recent merged pull. This is the current one in the site:

Even a few weeks old is fine by me. I don’t care about “nightly” as much as “monthly”

This is fine, but make sure you have the right risk tolerance for your application.

Eg nowadays I use the latest stable release for “production” (ie to get actual work done, without distractions) because it has gotten so great, unless I have a compelling need for some feature or want t explore something. YMMV.

I would recommend cloning and building is yourself. that way the update process is just a git pull and make -j

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A further advantage for package developers is that 1.10 has a parallel compiling. For me it reduces the compile time from ~90 sec to ~50 sec.


Yea it would be cool for juliaup to eventually allow for a nightly channel.

I was not aware of that, really cool. Really improves the installation time here, which became sort of an annoyance with all the code cashing of 1.9.

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