Need theory on why SVG Output is no longer auto-zooming in VSCode plots pane

My SVG output from CairoMakie used to auto-zoom perfectly on the image. Now I am getting a non-zoomed output by default with weird text saying data:image/svg+xml. Here is a pic of the default output:

I would rather see something like this where the weird text is gone and the whole plots pane is taken up by the SVG image:

I installed some packages and feel maybe one of them is the cause?

Unlikely. Pretty sure this is just a bug in the extension. Will fix.

I confirmed your suspicion. When I use the Julia extension v1.3.34, all works perfectly. If I use 1.4.0, then the above issue is expereinced.

I will mark this as solved and use 1.3.34 until 1.4.1? is released. Thank you for your quick reply and your efforts to bring Julia to VSCode, they are very appreciated. :grinning: :+1:

Will be fixed with Fix svg plotting by pfitzseb · Pull Request #2442 · julia-vscode/julia-vscode · GitHub.