Plot blurred (again) in VS Code with GR

I have a problem with plots in VS Code. Plots are blurred and one cannot zoom in/out within it as it used to be.
It saves the plot correctly into pdf.

Plots v1.23.1, v1.23.6.
GR 0.61.0

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Also, panning/zooming now needs you to hold Alt/Option.

I just tried GR.jl/examples/covid19.ipynb in VS Code and everything looks fine: I can pan, zoom in/out and hover over the points.

As you can see, the plot is displayed in Retina resolution.

Isn’t this related to the setting SVG plotting in Jupyter,

as also mentioned in the previous post.

If I use
display(VSCodeServer.InlineDisplay(), "image/svg+xml", my_plot)
I will get desired retina/not-blurred plot. However, defaults changes.

The PDF plot (generated by GR) should have the same quality (if correctly rendered by VS Code). The internal resolution (in GR’s PDF output device) is > 900dpi.

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