Scroll zoom in Plots.jl

Hello. I am a relatively new user of Julia on VSCode. I remember that till a couple of months ago, Plots.jl was allowing me to zoom into the plots using the scroll wheel of my mouse. Looks like after some package/VSCode update, that functionality is gone.

Now, I either have to use plotlyjs() to interact, which is relatively slower, or need to save every time I plot with default gr() backend and zoom as per the requirement. Can someone help me identify where the problem is?

Julia v 1.6.2 and Plots.jl v 1.25.5


I think that was a feature of VSCode and of the Julia extension, and effectively it is not working anymore. Probably you will need to downgrade VSCode (and/or the Julia extension).

You’ll need to hold Alt to interact with the plot (pan/zoom) nowadays (this is also mentioned in the changelog, I think).


Is that Alt configurable? On some window managers (like mine, in Mint), that drags the whole window.


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