METADATA.jl still maintained?

After registering a new version of my package with JuliaRegistrator, tagbot reported the following issue with METADATA.jl:

This is because the repository has moved.
However I am not sure why this matters because the package is only for julia>=0.7. Despite the error, the tag was actually performed and the new version is available in Pkg (in Julia 1.1).

But I have made a PR to change the repository URL in METADATA.jl:

Then I realised that there is about a month worth of unmerged PR in METADATA.jl.

If not mistaken, attobot is down. For tagging new releases for v1 use Registrator.jl. For tagging new releases for Julia v.0 it must be manual.

But I was using JuliaRegistrator. The issue is that tagbot which is running automatically after JuliaRegistrator complains about the URL in METADATA.jl.

You need to uninstall attobot I think