Registering new package with METADATA.jl



I’m trying to register a new package for online prediction to metadata. I’m using attobot for registration, and after I tagged v0.1.0, attobot opened a PR( Even though it is still not merged, I can see that many other PRs which are opened after my PR are merged.
Is there any other steps I have to take to merge my package registration process?



Same here, I have a PR that has been sitting there for almost 2 weeks, but my guess is that the core developers are quite busy with v0.7 so I am relucant to ping anyone. I hope someone will look at the queue soon.


Tamas, sorry about that. You’re right, people are generally busy with 0.7, and the metadata CI bot broke a couple of weeks ago. So your (and a few other’s) PR was caught up in that.

vish, your package registration PR was submitted only yesterday. New package registrations are kept open for at least a day (as the attobot message says), and need more review than tagging existing packages. So to you, I’d urge patience. Thanks!





Actually, I noticed that you had a package registration PR open five days ago, and then another one yesterday. Sorry about missing the old one. But in general, please just ping on the existing PR, rather than opening new ones, that just causes more work for everyone around.




Oops… Sorry. I got it.
Thanks a lot for the info.
I will wait :slight_smile:


Yeah… first I tried to register as a place holder for by package.
Second one is the package release tag.