Managing and updating Julia versions (using Docker?) on Ubuntu - VS Code or Juno?


What are good (well-established) ways to install and use Julia on an Ubuntu system, allowing for the possibility to have multiple working versions of Julia from which one can choose (for instance v1.5.4 on Mondays and v1.6.0 on all other days).
Is VS Code preferred over Atom/Juno?

In fact, what are good ways to update Julia whilst not ‘loosing’ old versions?

The idea is that I am wanting to develop a package from within the above setup.


PS: if there are no ‘good’ or ‘well-established’ ways, please indicate what should be done to create them.

The canonical way to install Julia is to download the appropriate tarball from and extract that. After that I’d suggest symlinking the binaries to /usr/local/bin/jx where x is the minor Julia version or some other convenient naming scheme.

That’s unrelated, but I’d recommend VSCode.