Looking For Julia Speakers For Our Conference

Hi all,

We’re holding the very first DetroitTechWatch conference in Detroit in June 2019. Our event is focused on cutting edge ideas and languages–of which we definitely consider Julia one. The problem is that none of us (the organizers) have the know-how to present Julia to other developers. That’s where we’re hoping this community can help.

If you’d like to share a talk about Julia we’d love to have you join us! We can (and will) help with travel expenses. If this sounds like something you’d like to know more about, our website is DetroitTechWatch. Our CFP is on Papercall at Papercall DTW.


I would love to speak, but I know there are people that are way more qualified than me to speak on this topic.

Here is a presentation I prepared for an intro to Julia: https://www.beautiful.ai/deck/-LVp7S8CDQAZdaT8hNhW/Intro-to-Julia

I would really like it if you submit a paper for our conference. You may be correct–there may be people more qualified to talk about Julia. But passion and desire to share knowledge with others counts for a lot too. The most important knowledge in the world doesn’t do very much good if it’s only in one person’s head.

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Ok. Submitted a talk.

I am pleased to hear that!

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