Jupyter integration with emacs



I’ve mentioned in a thread or two that I’ve been using the excellent jupyter emacs package with Julia for several months now, so I thought it might be a good idea to make a topic to highlight the package. For me, this package has worked very well and replaced julia-repl as my REPL for julia within emacs and replaced ob-ipython and ein for notebook-style work in emacs (I never actually got ob-julia working, and it isn’t currently maintained).

The cool thing about this package is that it’s designed as a general-purpose interface to jupyter from within emacs which the author has simply built a REPL and org-mode integration on top of. This means that unlike ob-ipython and ein, it doesn’t make a lot of python-specific assumptions about jupyter. Further, the integrations are customizable per-language, and the author is actually a julia user, so out of the box the REPL has niceties like latex substitution, rich text formatting of docstring markdown, and the prompt actually changing to e.g. help?> when in package, help, or shell modes.

Anyway, thought it might be worth posting on a Julia tool for emacs that the community might not be very aware of.


It’s especially important that it gets linked to because it never shows up on google at least for me unless I include the author’s name. Not sure why that is.