Julia + ESS + org-mode = ob-ess-julia

Hi there,

Since the good old ob-julia is now orphaned, there was no real support for Julia within org-mode these days. I tried to fill this gap with a very light and simple Emacs package based on ESS: ob-ess-julia. It’s still at an early stage of development, which means “clearly incomplete and probably buggy” :slight_smile: However, most of usual basic tasks should be okay at this stage.

I would be glad if some experimented {Emacs + Julia} users could give it a try using the example file, and make bug reports if needed (in particular Windows users, since the package is almost untested on Windows).

Thanks and happy org-moding!


Thank you for this. I am a student and very much appreciate learning basic Julia with org-mode.

Everything in your example file works with Emacs on Windows.

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Thank you for your feedback, this is good to know :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI, in case anyone is looking for something a bit more stable, there’s https://github.com/nnicandro/emacs-jupyter which is a very well made and mature Org mode environment for Jupyter, so you can run julia code in it by just installing the IJulia.jl jupyter kernel.

I don’t mean this to discourage your work on ob-ess-julia, just putting it out for informational purposes. It’s good to see projects for this that aren’t reliant on Jupyter.