Move REPL pane to the right

Perhaps a basic question, but being new to both - Atom and Juno - I can’t find the right search query.

With Emacs, I used to the following window layout:

Note that text editor window is on the left, and REPL is on the right. Half of the screen is enough to see all the code on the left, and having another half dedicated to REPL let’s me do a lot of interactive stuff and see its results.

Now I want to replicate the same setup in Juno. With simple-panes package I can move editor pane to the right and back with Ctrl-K + <right>/<left>, but REPL pane doesn’t work like that.

Is such layout - with editor on the left and REPL on the right - supported or should I use other means of viewing results of expressions (e.g. inline results)?