Juno - Defining `juliaPath` Using Relative Path


I downloaded JuliaPro and I’m using Juno.
The folder structure in Julia Pro is as following:


In Juno settings there is an absolute path describing Julia Binary path (juliaPath).
I was wondering, In case I want to use relative path instead of absolute path, what is the starting point of the path?

Also, is there a command line to enter in Julia REPL to see the version of Juno?

Thank You.

A relative path wouldn’t ever get expanded, so no, you can’t do that. ~ works though.

Newer Juno versions have a Debug Information command, but I don’t think that’s landed in JuliaPro yet. pkg> status will give some info about the Julia packages, and you can check the Packages tab in Atom for info as well.

I gave it a try and it worked on Windows.

I set the relative path with respect to the Juno.bat launcher and it did find Julia and worked.
For sanity check I tried a relative path which doesn’t got to Julia Bin and Juno showed and error about not finding Julia.

So it seems it works on Windows (Julia Pro) and the relative path should be set according to the Batch File which launches Juno.

Huh, interesting. Seems like that works by coincidence, so don’t rely on it too much :slight_smile: