Julia and Juno problem on Ubuntu

Hi, I installed Julia and Atom-Juno on my PC with Ubuntu OS. When Julia could not be started. When I try to start Julia from REPL I get this error “Julia could not be started. We tried to launch Julia from: julia This path can be changed in the settings. Details: /bin/sh: 1: julia: not found” Could you help me solve this problem? Thanks.


The error means Atom couldn’t find a path to Julia to run, literally.
Make sure you can run julia from your terminal or set a path to it in the juliaPath config setting. And restart Atom, and then you should be good to go.

I can run Julia from terminal without problems. How can I find the correct path of Julia to set it in Atom settings?

Since there is no “installation” for Julia Ububtu, you must have unzipped to a folder of your choice, which contains Julia executable. You can just tell Juno the absolute path of it.

You can run which julia in a terminal and paste the output into Juno’s Julia Path setting.

Also note that there’s a difference between setting an alias in the shell of your choice (e.g. in .bashrc if you’re using bash), and having the julia executable on your PATH.

Thanks, I set the correct path and now Julia run in Atom. But I have another problem with build of GLFW, it shows me this error. Could you help me to fix it?

You need to open up an issue in the corresponding repository:

It says could not find x11 I suggest u google how to install x11 Ubuntu and do that first