Juno behaving cranky?

Has anyone else noticed that since a recent update to Atom that Juno has been really cranky?
I’ve gone so far as uninstalling Atom and deleting every Atom related file and reinstalling but I get the same issues.

Not all of these issues happen all the time but here are a list of symptoms:

  • The REPL won’t start - I’m stuck in a loop of “Press enter to start Julia” => “Julia has exited” No further error message.
  • Plots don’t display. Images display but not Gadfly plots.
  • During debug, global variables display in the workspace window but not local variables (There is an exception and an error box when each line executes.)

Currently, I’m stuck on the REPL won’t start again.
I’m not sure which project to submit an issue.

See the instructions here.

That’s a bug with the newest Atom version:

Thanks! The JunoLab instructions seems to resolve the REPL and debug problems.

Big thanks, it works :smiley: !!