Repl suddenly stops displaying output

Hi, I’ve been struggling with this issue for some time now while using Julia, Atom and Juno on PopOS (a version of Ubuntu). The issue started to occured after I updated juno a few weeks ago.

The issue is that suddently the repl stops responding. Interestingly, I can still run and execute code in atom, I just can’t use the repl. For example, highlighting code and pressing ctrl+enter still runs the code, and I can see the output in the document itself, I can create new plots etc. Interestengly, the repl still runs, it just doesnt show any typing, print statements etc (for example, to fix the issue I write exit() in the repl, at which point Julia restarts and the repl works as before).

This is of course very annoying, especially give the good ol’ “time to first plot” problem.

I assumed I would be able to pinpoint when this starts happening, but I can’t except that it -usually- happens after I “compile” something (e.g. selecting a function in the editor and pressing ctrl+enter). For example, it never happens in the middle of a long function call (for example 10-15 minutes).

I’ve tried uninstalling Atom which didn’t help.


Ctrl-S pauses the REPL terminal, so you can either put that keybinding into the whitelisted keybindings setting (under julia-client) or press Ctrl-Q to resume.



Well, I guess my compulsive hammering of the good ol’ ctrl+s shows a downside… Thank you!