JuliaReach & JuliaIntervals Days 3

JuliaReach & JuliaIntervals Days 3

We are pleased to announce the JuliaReach and JuliaIntervals Days 3, which will take place fully online from 9th-11th December 2021.

This event will host talks from two Julia communities: JuliaReach and JuliaIntervals. The main goal is to bring together people interested in foundations or applications by: disseminating the current state of relevant Julia packages, organising development sprints and exchanging ideas or discussing open problems.


The event is a sequel of the JuliaCon’21 Minisymposium about Set Propagation Techniques. Leading experts around the world will present state-of-the-art techniques including reachability, interval methods, and their application to several fields such as astrodynamics, robotics, hybrid systems and more. This will also be an opportunity for everyone interested in the JuliaReach and JuliaIntervals ecosystems to meet the developers, disseminate the current status of the organisations and brainstorm ideas for further development.

Round table

There will also be a round table to discuss status and future directions of JuliaIntervals. Particular emphasis will be given to IntervalArithmetic.jl roadmap towards version 1.0. Everyone willing to discuss is welcome!


A Reachathon where you will get the opportunity to put your Julia programming skills to work is planned. From first-time developers seeking guidance in ways to contribute to JuliaReach and JuliaIntervals packages, to more advanced research topics or tools proposed in the Challenge problems session the first day of the workshop, all contributions are welcome.

Register today and join us to network and have a lot of fun!

If you have questions, find us at the reachability-analysis and intervals streams on Zulip, the intervals channel on Slack, or just DM me (@mforets) or @lferrant.