[Call for participation] 2nd Julia & Optimization Days, October 4-6, Paris (France)

We are organizing a second edition of the Julia & Optimization days in Paris, taking place on October 4-6 2023 at Inria Paris, France.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in applications of Julia in optimization and scientific computing. In particular, we invite new users to present their works.

We have two submission formats:

  • Technical Talks
  • Poster

The workshop is in-person, and will be held in English. Inscription is free of charge and you can register via this link.

We are all looking forward seeing you in Paris in October!


Hi @frapac, it looks awesome. I’d just like to ask when is the deadline for the applications?

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We haven’t fixed a deadline yet, but it should be around mid September. I will clarify this in the website.

Thank you for your interest!