Special sessions on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization with Julia at Montréal Optimization Days 23

Dear Julia community,

The conference Optimization Days will be held at HEC Montreal from May 29th to May 31st, 2023. The conference is in-person only.


To make this event a great success, we are organizing a stream of talks on continuous optimization, numerical linear algebra, and the Julia programming language. This stream would also be of interest to researchers who are not users but are interested in Julia. Last year, the Julia stream involved 16 talks (Conference: JuliaSmoothOptimizers at Optimization Days Montréal).

We are still looking for speakers for this year’s conference. If you are interested, please send us ( @tmigot ) a tentative title and a 200-word abstract as soon as possible. Anyone interested in attending without speaking is also most welcome. Abstract submission and early-bird registration will close on April 14, 2023.


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