JuliaPro REPL very sluggish

I am a newbie so may be doing something stupid, but here is what I’m experiencing.

I just installed JuliaPro 1.2.0-1:
After I start JuliaPro,

  1. I hit “enter key” in the REPL window and it takes 36 seconds to get a julia prompt.
    2 I hit “enter key” again and it takes 7 seconds to get another julia prompt
    3 I type “us” followed by “tab key” and it takes 11 seconds for the tab completion to show “using”
    4 I type a = 1 “enter key”, it takes 4 seconds to get a response

Once I do the above operations once, subsequently executing them is very fast. But if I exit JuliaPro and restart, all of the above delays are seen all over again.

I also have a standalone Julia 1.2 (downloaded from julialang.org) on my same laptop computer and it doesn’t suffer from this sluggishness, so it isn’t my particular RAM/processor/hard drive/etc.

And finally, one more observation: if I run julia.exe in the bin folder of the JuliaPro installation directly (shows up in a Windows PowerShell window), it also has this sluggish behavior where the first time to do anything is very slow.

Any suggestions on what I can do to speed this up?

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I just keep the REPL session open.

Thank you for your reply. That makes sense to avoid restarting the REPL session. But is it expected behavior to take 11 seconds for the first tab completion, or 4 seconds to evaluate “a = 1” in Juno/Atom for the first time? It feels very broken. Why is JuliaPro SO slow when standalone julia is so fast?

The amount of time that you are saying it takes is too much. It is not related to JuliaPro however, it is Atom’s REPL problem.
Try adding uber Juno package in a clean Atom installation. Atom’s installation way of using Juno is usually better because JuliaPro gets updates slower.


Amin_Yahyaabadi, Thank you so much! Your solution works great and everything is finally running fast! I do have an error message that pops up indicating that the TokenManager package needs to be imported, but when I try to add it, the package manager says it couldn’t be found. This doesn’t seem to be causing any problems however, and I saw a comment you posted related to this elsewhere so I’ll just ignore it for now. Thanks again!!!

That’s because you have Julia Pro installed. You can just ignore that error as It’s not a big deal.
I thought it was fixed in recent version, since it didn’t show up for me anymore

Thank you!