Short delay for first input action in v1.9.0-rc1

Hi all,
I am using Julia v1.9.0-rc1 and I noticed that there is a short delay for the first action when
start Julia (for example in REPL), delayed about 2 seconds.
Is this normal?
I install Julia through Juliaup and I am in a Linux Mint system.
Thank you!

What’s your first action? Just something like 2+2 should return pretty much instantaneously, but in general you might of course hit some compilation on whatever it is you’re doing.

The first action I mean only begin to type, for example, I try to type ‘2’ and there is a delay to show the number 2.

Do you have anything in you startup.jl file? That is loaded on start and could require some compilation.

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Yes, I have OhMyREPL. I think this is the reason.
Thank you!

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