JuliaPro is slower than the standard Julia. How come?


After upgrading from JuliaPro 0.6 to JuliaPro 1.0.1 I noticed that the console starts slower, and loading a module for the first time in a fresh session is slower. At first I thought it was due to the new Julia version.

However, to try a package not yet included in JuliaPro’s registry but already included in the General registry, I installed the standard Julia 1.0.1 (the one on julialang.org not juliacomputing.com) yesterday. Since I have installed both I did a quick side-by-side comparison. Boy what a difference in loading time!

To start julia.exe in command line (no IDE involved):

  • JuliaPro: 10 seconds
  • Standard Julia: <1 second

“using PyPlot” in a fresh Julia session (already precompiled):

  • JuliaPro: 37.307783 seconds (41.05 M allocations: 2.514 GiB, 3.50% gc time)
  • Standard Julia: 8.733778 seconds (11.86 M allocations: 589.460 MiB, 4.22% gc time)

“using DataFrames” in a fresh Julia session (already precompiled):

  • JuliaPro: 15.906605 seconds (28.43 M allocations: 1.418 GiB, 6.10% gc time)
  • Standard Julia: 10.120652 seconds (19.96 M allocations: 1.028 GiB, 6.69% gc time)

Why such a big difference?

System information: JuliaPro 1.0.1, standard Julia 1.0.1, Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i7-6600U CPU with 8GB RAM.


I have the same issue…


Yeah, this is not right, we’re investigating. There absolutely should not be this large a difference.