JuliaPro install packages - stuck at please authenticate

I deleted the existing installation of Julia and installed JuliaPro. When I try to install a package, it gets stuck at Please Authenticate..

add DataFrames
  Updating registry at `~/.juliapro/JuliaPro_v1.2.0-1/registries/JuliaPro`
[ Info: Please Authenticate..

I looked through a couple of posts on this forum. Someone said that it worked after

What is this relevant website, and how do I download a token from there?

Another person said that

How do I authenticate on Juliapro?

I would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

The problem is solved! I opened julia from a terminal window on mac (instead of opening the application in Atom), and when you do that, the window that asks for signing in never shows up (at least it did not pop up in my case). When I opened the application by double-clicking it, and used Atom, the window showed up.

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