Stuck at please authenticate

I installed JuliaPro yesterday. I’m now trying to install a plotting routine using Pkg.add("Plots"). The Juno/Atom IDE opens an HTML pane and asks me to authenticate. As I signed up with gmail, I click the “gmail” button. Then I enter my e-mail address. Then the process is stuck, as Google deems the HTMLPane to be unsafe to login.

The result is that I cannot install a package to plot data. Opening Julia in the terminal instead did not provide any relief, as it still wants me to authenticate, but doesn’t even open an HTML pane to begin with. I think it’s a bit annoying, as I don’t think that an account would’ve been required, had I installed Julia without the JuliaPro environment?

Any tips about what I can do to resolve this?

Hello Erik,

By default, JuliaPro will download all the packages from , this website requires authentication, hence, you have to download token.toml file to authenticate any requests from your JuliaPro installation to the server. This file is automatically downloaded when you login through your IDE, token can also be downloaded by visiting in your web-browser and following these steps:-

  • Once you open the URL link, you will be directed to authenticate by signing into either one of these accounts : LinkedIn or Gmail or GitHub or JuliaComputing account.

  • Once the authentication is done, your token.toml file download should begin immediately , if your download doesn’t begin automatically, you can always click on “here” URL link to download the token

  • Once you have token.toml, you can move this file to the machine where you have installed JuliaPro v1.0.x, the default location to place this file is ~/.julia/token.toml i.e create a .julia folder in your home directory and place token.toml in your ~/.julia folder.

Authenticating within the Atom IDE has been deprecated i.e newer versions of JuliaPro (v1.5.3-1) don’t use this mechanism anymore.

Dear Harsha,

Thank you very much for your response. I was indeed able to download a token.toml file through the online environment, apologies for my ignorance. Moving the file to the ~/.julia folder didn’t work. But I ran the following command in Julia, ENV["JULIA_PKG_TOKEN_PATH"], the result of this was ~/.juliapro/token.toml. Hence, I had to place the token file in the ~/.juliapro folder. If other people run into this issue, this may help them.

Thank you very much!