Stuck at "Please Authenticate"

I have just installed Juno, but when I try


I get

Updating registry at ~/.juliapro/JuliaPro_v1.0.3.1/registries/General
TokenManager.AuthWindow(“pkgauthwindow”, Dict(:url=>“”))
[ Info: Please Authenticate.

And a window opens where I sign in with my github account. After doing so though, nothing happens and the REPL terminal remains stuck.

How can I solve this?

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Can you please provide following information, this would help us in understanding the issue better

  1. Can you check if a file called token.toml is present in following path?


If you’re on Windows, replace ~ with your home folder path

  1. On which Operating system are you encountering this error? Example: - Linux, Mac, Windows .

  2. Can you please provide the version number of the Operating system too? Example:- ubuntu 16.04, Windows 10, etc.

apparently xclip was not installed properly (linux), now it seems to be solved



I’m having a similar problem, but it got fixed after downloading the token from the relevant website