JuliaCon proposal for 2022 - Dates outside of vacation!


Happened last year and now this year : I plan to attend JuliaCon, but it’s during my summer vacations! :cry:

How about the beginning of fall or end of spring? So south and north hemispheres can be present :slight_smile:


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JuliaCon 2022 likely in person … seems like a good spot for a vacation, yea? :wink:

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hehehe! :smile:

But not when you have 3 small kids… vacation are for the family now :slight_smile:


Might be a good chance to give a talk on “Julia For Kids”. You might use fancy Pluto animations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Above a certain number of people, it is becomes impossible to accommodate everyone’s preferences. The best solution is to

  1. announce dates well before, so people can plan and adapt accordingly,
  2. make a best effort to avoid clashing with other conferences in the same narrow field (which does not really apply for JuliaCon at this point).
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Yes, no problem. It was more a desperate realization for me : the only moment I can take my annual vacations with my kids is between July 20 and August 10 AND since they are young, this will be my situation for the next 10-12 years :sob:

Having organized some (much smaller) conference in the past, I do understand the logic. No hard feeling :relaxed: At least, conference are usually recorded, so I can watch them during the following year.


The traditional thing in the Julia Community is to have them write a bunch of differential equation solvers or symbolic computation engines when they enter high school.

Note that I am showing programming to my oldest kid with Julia. :relaxed:

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