JuliaCon 2024 Astrodynamics/Aerospace Minisymposium

Hi! Would anyone be interested in co-organizing a astrodynamics/aerospace minisymposium in the upcoming JuliaCon 2024? Deadline for proposals is at 15th December 2023 @Ronis_BR @deddy @helgee @Andrea_Pasquale @MicheleCeresoli and whoever else ^^


Hi @xlxs4!

Sorry for the delay! I am in the middle of some project activities that are taking out all my time :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I am not sure if I will be able to attend JuliaCon 2024. If I can, I do not have time right now to think about a minisymposium :frowning: Sorry. Nevertheless, it would be awesome to have it to gather people working in those areas.

We discussed that there was interest from the European Space Agency. Maybe we can make an introduction?

That sounds like a great idea @mkitti! Let me know :slight_smile:

@Jorge_Vieyra or @CityJumper perhaps you wiuld know better about the ESA contacts.

I am a Julia enthusiast working at ESA and I did express my interest at juliacon local Eindhoven about finding ways to publicize more the language within the agency.

I can try to help organizing this symposium but would also love to know if you were referring to someone else @mkitti as it would be nice to know if others colleagues are also interested in Julia

Hi Mark happy to take the lead here.

Hi all,

My name is Gareth Thomas and I am one of the local chairs, helpers in organizing the JuliaCon 2024. Would you like to have a conversation to make this a reality. There were a few folk from ESA / ESTEC joining the JuliaCon Local Eindhoven on December 1st, 2023.

If you would like to have a meeting, I would be happy to help. There is also another angle that I would like to explore and not sure who best to reach out to … but get sponsorship from ESA for the event itself. I am based in Eindhoven, but happy to come to Nordwijk for a face-to-face meeting to make this a reality,

Sign me up!

@CityJumper I can try helping on the contact with ESA side, I wrote you a private message with more details.

Hi all,

this is Andrea Pasquale. I’m a consultant in Flight Dynamics in ESA/ESOC.
We also do have a few Julia enthusiast here in Darmstadt (including myself).
I would be also happy to help.

I wrote a package for airborne wind energy system simulation: GitHub - aenarete/KiteSimulators.jl: Simulators for kite power systems I could give a talk about it. Would I have to submit something until 15 December?

Uwe Fechner, postdoc, TU Delft, NL

I’ll start a draft. DM me if you want to co-organize

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Hey Folks, are you still looking for submissions? I plan to give a talk on the most recent developments in Trixi.jl, in particular on the incorporation of existing meshes such as the ones provided by NASA’s turbulence modeling group.


We are indeed! You can select the aerospace minisymposium. I’ll make an announcement later today

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