JuliaCon 2024 Aerospace Minisymposium

At JuliaCon 2024 in Eindhoven, I am organizing an Aerospace Minisymposium together with @disberd and @andreapasquale94. The Julia Aerospace community is growing by the day! We see this as a great opportunity for everyone to come together and discuss on how we could foster collaboration and collectively push for the adoption of Julia in the field.

You are encouraged to submit a proposal to the minisymposium. Julia newcomers and hobbyists also welcome :smile:

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out.


Hi! I am trying to go to JuliaCon 2024!

If I am able to attend the conference, I can give a talk about how to use the SatelliteToolbox.jl ecosystem to perform several satellite-related analysis. However, I will only know if I will be able to travel very close to JuliaCon.

In this case, what should I do? Should I submit a proposal that might be withdrawn?

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Hi! I, for one, would love that. We use SatelliteToolbox on a daily basis and I’d guess it’s widely used. I’ll ask around and get back to you :slight_smile:

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Unless the aero/astro minisymposium disagrees we tend to encourage submission. It’s best if you can withdraw as early as possible to fill the gap left by your withdrawal, but that’s better than missing your talk if you’re able to make it!

JuliaCon Executive Chair

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I see! The problem is that due to bureaucratic reasons, I might receive confirmation only weeks before the conference :frowning:

So, I will wait for the aero/astro minisyposium answer and, if they agree, I submit my proposal!

It seems like @xlxs4 is one of the organizers and was happy with the idea. So I’d say go ahead!

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