In theory, there should be an aerospace minisymposium, see: Aerospace Minisymposium

I cannot find it in the conference program. Does it take place? If yes, when and where?

You can find it here: Juliacon 2024 :: pretalx
Ctrl-F and search for “aero” :slightly_smiling_face:
It is planned Wednesday July 10th 2:00 - 5:30 pm in While Loop (4.2)

Thanks for pointing this out.

But, to be honest, I never saw such a bad way to present a conference program. It looks like a bachelor student got the task to implement an SQL query.

Very hard to find anything.

Apart from that, I intended to give a talk in the context of this symposium, and it was actually ignored. Strange.

In my case (Earth sciences mini-symposium) I got feedback on my submission from two reviewers in the acceptance email, which I should consider for the Lightning talk.
If your submission got ignored without feedback, that would be very unfortunate. It would be good to contact the organizer in that case.

Lets say it like this: I suggested to give a talk here on Discourse, but it was never clear to me where and when and in which form to submit a proposal. This was not communicated.

That’s a pity! Perhaps it was the terminology “Call for Proposals” and acronym CFP used in the announcements. Myself I am more sensitive to the word “Abstract” in such announcements and had almost mistaken such announcement for the proposals for the sessions instead.

See JuliaCon - Julia Programming Language
In particular JuliaCon 2024: CFP is now live!
Also on the JuliaCon 2024 website it must have been stated.

Hi @ufechner7! Apart from the general JuliaCon updates and whatnot, I had updated this discourse (1, 2), and made some individual posts on Slack and on my own accounts here and there, and I know the organizers also made sure to spread the word (e.g. here). All submissions were reviewed with written feedback given. If you’ve tried to reach out and it fell through the cracks, I sincerely apologize. I can’t seem to find any DMs/emails :slight_smile: In any case, I’m sure all the volunteers involved are open to constructive feedback.

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On Discourse, there is no information whom to contact or how. Interestingly it was better announced on LinkedIn.

But even on LinkedIn there was no clear information:

  • how to apply for a mini-symposium
  • how to supply a proposal for a talk on a mini-symposiom

I think this were different things. No clear communication. Or in other words: No professional approach to organizing these things. Just very informal. My friends will know how to do it, others can be lucky or not.

Did you make any post saying “please send me a DM or email”? I would not even know where to find your email.

Discourse supports DMs/“mails”. The post was and is open for comments as well. It’s not clear to me with whom you’re raising an issue with. From my (minisymposium org) side, what actions do you believe would have better communicated all of this?

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The call for proposals for all talks closed on January 31st. I made an announcement here:

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Well, any professional conference website has a tab “Timeline” which states what are the deadlines and how and where and in which form to do this. Only the JuliaCon website doesn’t.

Well, but it was not clear in any way if this is true for submissions to the minisymposiums. As far as I understood that was a different submission track.

First of all, let’s not conflate things here.

The deadline for the JuliaCon Call for Proposals was clearly communicated through all channels (Slack, Discourse, Banner on the website, etc.). I don’t see how we could improve here.

Minisymposia are essentially mini-conferences within a conference (JuliaCon). They are fully self-organized by the people who proposed the minisymposium (in the JuliaCon Call for Proposals). How and when the MS authors take public submissions (if at all) is up to them and needs to be communicated by them (for big conferences, often MS have separate, simple websites for this). For these reasons, this information is not presented on the general JuliaCon website.

I don’t know which conferences you have in mind and what your criteria for “professional” are. Anyhow, just to point out one, PyData Global 2023 also doesn’t seem to have a “timeline”.

I’m not sure what to tell you, Uwe. I could show you a Wayback Machine snapshot of the website where the first thing it says is the deadline or the commits showing when it went online.

However, none of that is going to solve anything. If you are still interested, DM me or send an email to There is a small chance we might be able to fit you in as we have had some cancellations.


Sounds like a bad way to organize such events to me. You can always ask them and put their infos on the conference web site.

You are entitled to your own opinion, of course. But let me tell you that big (“professional”) conferences - I’m thinking for example - do it like this. (They call our minisymposia “workshops” to confuse everyone :slight_smile: )

The minisymposia information was posted here:

Only Cartsen’s HPC symposium came with a preset schedule of talks.

But really, do contact us. There is a 30 minute hole in the Aerospace Symposium right now due to a scheduling conflict

Also, to answer the original question, there is a Filter button on the left side. Click it and select Aerospace Minisymposium.

Also if you would like to give feedback to our vendor, PreTalx, see their webpage or Github: